Cylindrical Battery Cans

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H&T Recharge: Your global supplier of deep drawn cylindrical battery can components for the Lithium-ion battery can market.

Working together with global cell manufacturers in the Rechargeable and Alkaline battery industries, underpinned by our enviable +40 year single sourcing partnerships, our cylindrical products and full-service solutions have earned an outstanding reputation for safety, quality and reliability. Accelerating the e-mobility revolution, our products make us part of a greater goal – an emission free sustainable future.

Cylindrical Battery Cans

Our product portfolio includes all major sizes of cylindrical cans for rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries. Our cans are manufactured to your specifications, including diameter, height, as well as wall thickness. We are able to provide a variety of raw material and Nickel-plating options.

Our Product Portfolio

As the partner of choice in high-volume cylindrical battery can production and with years of experience in delivering solutions for the Rechargeable and Alkaline battery industry for automotive and energy storage applications, we understand the importance of safety, quality and reliability of our products as a critical mechanical part of the finished battery cell.

We collaborate closely to support and consult on your global projects.


Mass Production Experience

Manufacturing 2 billion 21700 type battery cans per year with high quality standards for the automotive industry for over 7 years

Product Development Capability

Developing customized products with variations such as wall thickness, Nickel plating, clip edges, etc. in our Center of Excellence in Germany.

Greenfield Expertise

Supporting ramp-up of high-volume mass production globally


Product Development Capability and Pre-series Production

Offering sizes from 4680, 4690, 4695 up to 46125 type cans in our Center of Excellence in Germany

Customized Features

Including variations such as wall thickness, Nickel plating, clip edges, bottom vent features, riveting, etc.


Providing leak and high voltage tests

Component Assemblies

Customized Assembly

Sourcing can assembly components such as rivet, gasket, insulator, plates, etc., from our partners

Riveted-can Assemblies

Offering riveted can assemblies and cans with holes and vents


Providing leak and high voltage tests

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