10th January 2024 By H&T Recharge

Tata Steel Nederland and H&T Recharge sign JDA to accelerate development of cylindrical cans for Li-ion batteries for EV applications

Tata Steel Nederland and H&T Recharge have signed a Joint Development Agreement (JDA). The aim of this agreement is to jointly develop material and can-making solutions needed to manufacture optimized cans for cylindrical Li-ion batteries for EV applications. 

The developments of cylindrical Li-ion batteries are moving at a rapid pace, with the battery cell compositions and battery sizes constantly evolving. Therefore, Tata Steel Plating, the business unit within Tata Steel Nederland specialized in manufacturing metal coated steels for battery applications, and our German entity H&T Rechargeable Solutions have agreed to join forces. Tata Steel will focus on material solutions and H&T Recharge will contribute with our cylindrical battery can-making expertise.

Tata Steel Nederland, including its business unit Tata Steel Plating, is one of the leading producers of battery quality nickel plated steel for battery applications and preferred partner for EV material solutions. Tata Steel Nederland is one of the leading steels suppliers in Europe, with a unique portfolio of steels that contribute to the performance, safety and costs of electric vehicles: structural, electrical and battery steels. The company has over 40 years of experience in this area and production locations in Germany and the United States.

“We plan on developing optimised, sustainable materials for these applications, enabling most efficient manufacturing of the casings and cells while enhancing battery performance. This fits well with our strategy of providing value-adding steel solutions that contribute to a sustainable future”, said Ilja Portegies Zwart, Head of Technical, Packaging and Plating. “A multi-site, multi-functional agile team has been established developing new products and processes that fit these customer needs”. 

“Utilising the Tata Steel Plating materials in our downstream processes starting at cupping until final can inspection will enable us to early on be on the forefront of product development and keep the development cycles short. As this is getting a more and more critical requirement, we are happy to collaborate on this level with Tata Steel Nederland, enabling successful cylindrical cell developments for our customers in Europe”, adds Dr. Daniel Weingarth, Global Technology Director at H&T Recharge.

”Tata Steel Plating has the ambition to becoming the global leading materials producer for battery casings for rechargeable battery cells, including cylindrical Li-ion cells for electric vehicles, as we have been for the last 40 years for primary batteries”, adds Remco Blaauw, Managing Director Plating at Tata Steel Nederland.

“H&T Recharge is honoured to engage with Tata Steel to contribute to the development of advanced and sustainable battery can solutions for the fast-growing electric vehicle market in Europe. Tata Steel marks a valuable partner for H&T as both have over 40 years of experience in the mass production of material and components for cylindrical batteries. With our research and development capabilities within our Center of Excellence in Germany, the JDA with Tata Steel will largely contribute to our common goal of developing optimised, sustainable materials while enabling most efficient manufacturing of the battery cans and cells while enhancing overall battery performance”, adds Tobias Ott, President of H&T Recharge. 

Tata Steel Plating is looking into extension of its manufacturing capabilities to deliver the new generation of coated steels for batteries, in the period up to 2030.
H&T Recharge plans to add production capacity in Europe for next-generation batteries in the years to come.

Click here to view Tata Steel Europe’s press release on this JDA.

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