9th March 2023 By H&T Recharge

Rebranding of New Division H&T Recharge

The Heitkamp & Thumann Group is delighted to officially announce that the “H&T Battery Components” Division has been split into two independent Divisions:  H&T Battery Components (Alkaline), focusing on the consumer battery market and H&T Recharge, focusing on the rechargeable battery market.

The new brand identity and design reflects our Division’s commitment to the rechargeable battery market. Having entered this new market early on in 2015, the new strapline “Energizing Tomorrow. Today.”, emphasizes H&T Recharge’s pioneering position as a fast-growing supplier of rechargeable battery cans in the Western Hemisphere. This evolving and energetic market is also reflected in our new corporate color “Electric Blue” as well as in the dynamic angle design element.

H&T Recharge will support our growth strategy in the rechargeable business beyond our existing facilities H&T Nevada and H&T Rechargeable Solutions in the USA and Germany.

We are pleased to launch this new website along with our new branding to allow our customers, suppliers and employees to stay informed about H&T Recharge’s upcoming projects.

Please follow the link to the official launch video by President Tobias Ott.


About H&T Recharge

H&T Recharge is the partner of choice for battery can solutions in the rechargeable Lithium-ion battery industry. H&T Recharge entered this new industry early and has become the largest deep drawn cylindrical can manufacturer in the Western Hemisphere. Supporting both automotive and non-automotive applications, H&T Recharge supports manufacturers serving the increasing cylindrical battery demand with a range of customized component solutions.

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