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press deep drawing technology

Deep Drawing

H&T Recharge is a global specialist in deep-drawing technology for manufacturing high precision, cylindrical battery cans for the rechargeable battery industry. We have vast experience in deep drawing a wide product portfolio and in developing our own in-house processes, tools and machines worldwide to use all potentials of the technology and to maximize the material utilization.

Whether it is one of the 2 billion cans we deep draw per year in high volume production in the USA or a customized deep drawn can, we partner with you globally to meet your needs.

Deep drawing is a material efficient process for geometric complex products. Through the high level of process reliability, our customers are able to take advantage of both cost-effectiveness and high-quality product.

A wide range of materials is used in deep drawing processes including Nickel-plated steel, Aluminium or stainless steel. At H&T Recharge, our aim is to find the most suitable material to meet your individual needs and requirements. We develop processes  and manufacture in-house deep-drawing presses. This enables us to optimize and customize our can production.

Suitable for high volume production

High precision

Process reliability

High material utilization

Bottom vent features, center coining and embossing possible for customized cans

deep drawing tool design

Tool Design

Our experienced in-house tool engineers at our sister company H&T Tool Design design and produce precision tools for every battery component we manufacture worldwide.

Our tool design shop is fundamental to maintain our competitive advantage. This enables us to supply you with high precision, quality battery cans. The in-house tool department ensures we maintain all precision tools to the highest of standards throughout product life cycles.

Our tool shop is equipped with state of the art machinery including CNC grinding and wire EDM machines to manufacture complex 3D geometries made out of high performance materials such as carbide or ceramics.

Our specialized equipment allows us to produce and maintain precision tooling that is cost-effective and is optimized to the requirements of each individual component tailored for high volume production.

deep drawing press manufacturing

Press Design & Manufacturing

Our sister company H&T ProduktionsTechnologie specializes in the design and manufacture of deep-drawing presses and cupping systems.

We combine over 40 years of experience of manufacturing cylindrical battery cans with sophisticated press equipment to provide best in class and customized solutions. In-house design and manufacturing services including multi-servo presses, cupping machines and redraw presses ensure that we can meet the needs of our customers to the highest standard.

Having access to forming presses enables us to install mass production facilities in a timely manner independently from machine suppliers on the market.

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